RIB Software AG (RSTA) signs an iTWO Phase II deal with the Nordic postal service Posten AB, Sweden

January 22, 2015 - Corporate News

Stuttgart, Germany, 12 January 2015. Posten AB (The Nordic postal service) Stockholm, Sweden and RIB Software AG have concluded a phase II deal for the introduction of the new iTWO component iTWOfm. iTWOfm is a cloud-based iTWO component that will serve all Nordic properties, which are more than 2 million m². This deal with Posten AB is the first large iTWOfm agreement in the Nordic Region.

Michael Sauer, CFO of the RIB Group stated “With this conclusion of the contract we are happy to have entered another technology partnership with a notable company in the Nordic Region. We are excited about delivering our solution to another Nordic company which has the vision of an integrated and sustainable solution to manage their portfolio of works. The deal amount will be proportionally recognized over five years starting in 2015.” 

Mads Bording, CEO of RIB Limited in Copenhagen stated “I am very pleased to extend our agreement with Posten AB based on the great results we have achieved in the Danish branch. The introduction of iTWOfm and the accompanying solutions are not only cost saving activities, but also directly correlating with the bottom line of our clients business due to the vast impact on productivity, employee engagement and ability to reduce carbon footprint.” 

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