Cloud-based 5D BIM Enterprise Solution

What is iTWO 4.0? 

iTWO 4.0 is a cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform that redefines the management of building and construction business in the era of Industry 4.0. Integrating with cloud computing, 5D BIM, big data, modular construction, smart supply chain management, virtual into physical technologies etc., iTWO 4.0 provides a web-based collaborative platform that connects people, machines and data for fullly digitalized management of enterprise-wide projects throughout the construction lifecycle based on 5D BIM. It opens up infinite opportunities for the leading companies to embrace agile business and drive productivity.

Digitalize your enterprise

iTWO 4.0 is an integrated platform that digitalizes your enterprise. It empowers all project stakeholders’ real-time collaboration for enterprise-wide projects throughout the construction lifecycle from design, QTO & estimation, scheduling, bidding and tendering, modular construction, SCM, project management to finance control integrated with cooperate ERP. All people, processes, projects and finance data are managed in one comprehensive platform.

Construction in 5D

iTWO 4.0 integrates the 3D BIM model with project schedule and cost data for project design-to-delivery management. Design models, cost information, procurement and construction plans are visualized and evaluated at the project planning stage, producing a clear and optimized plan before physical construction. The optimized 5D BIM model guides and monitors the execution process in construction phase.

Integrate virtual into physical construction process

Integrating the virtual construction process into the physical process, iTWO 4.0 realizes 5D simulation of the entire project process prior to physical construction, which enables streamlining of construction process, early identification and resolution to variation, schedule and budget optimization, and real-time project control to ensure projects built as planned.

Light up your business with cloud technology

Developed with cutting edge technologies such as SPA, JavaScript and HTML5, iTWO is a cloud-based platform supporting both private and public cloud. Under one centralized cloud platform, all stakeholders collaborate in real time with one single source of true data anytime anywhere, with all kinds of internet-connected devices, saving expensive hardware expenses. In addition, the highly scalable system supports building and construction enterprises to develop their exclusive business APPs to meet their growing business needs.

Key Functionalities

Design Optimization of Multi-discipline Models

iTWO 4.0 supports consolidation of multi-discipline models (architecture, structure, MEP, etc.). It checks incoming models for errors and omissions, allows model inspection, and supports clash detection. Meanwhile, iTWO 4.0 has a 3D engine out of the collaboration with Autodesk to enable realtime design updates across project teams.

Precise Cost Estimation

Using 3D model data, national and enterprise standard BoQ, iTWO 4.0 quickly and accurately calculates BIM-based quantities and prices, cross-coded for use in bidding, scheduling, procurement, and cost reporting.

Visualized Schedule & Task Management

Fully integrated with BIM design and estimation result, multiple Schedules (Design, Execution, Procurement) can be easily generated from the BIM model and viewed in GANTT charts in parallel with Line of Balance intuitively. iTWO 4.0 users can create project workflow and task prioritization to focus on key activities, and track all members, critical timeline, and tasks performance in real time.

Business Partner Management

iTWO 4.0 categorizes and manages all business contacts (e.g. suppliers, subcontractors, tenants, competitors, authorities) with detailed information. This not only offers an effective approach to maintain closer customer relationships, but also provides reliable quality assessments by rating and certifying business partners based on credit as well as past project performance.

Smart Supply Chain Management

Building materials’ BIM models are listed in iTWO 4.0 platform to support virtual design in high level of detail, and are connected to the estimation, scheduling and procurement. Based on the virtual planning, the system enables demand-driven production. Manufacturing schedule will match the building planning schedule to reach the target of just-in-time delivery. Users can simply keep track on the production process of their orders anytime anywhere with all internet-connected devices.

Enterprise-wide Finance Control

iTWO 4.0 integrates project accounting into corporate ERP. Cost details and cash flow in project lifecycle can be tracked and reflected on the company financial reports. Contracts and bills with drill-down reports are accessible anytime anywhere in iTWO 4.0 cloud-based platform.

Key Benefits


Run Anywhere

Cloud computing enables real-time access, updates and project management through all internet-connected devices. The platform has a highly user-defined interface and a mobile control tower, which facilitates real-time decision making and project control.


Improve Transparency and Productivity

Real-time web-based collaboration combined with the single source of platform covering the whole construction lifecycle of enterprise-wide projects helps to improve transparency and productivity.


Reduce Change Orders

5D BIM enables a virtual end-to-end simulation of the project before physical construction. Clashes are identified and resolved before they really happen. Changes are made in the virtual phase without causing real impact to the cost and time.


Shorten Project Time

By completely optimizing the building projects in virtual planning before they are executed, and monitoring the physical construction by comparing the actual progress with early planning through model-related schedules, iTWO 4.0 helps to shorten project time by 20%.


Cut Cost

Different project plans and changes to the plans can be portrayed and evaluated in iTWO 4.0 to ensure flexibility and avoid the unforeseen cost. By adopting the optimized project plan, the project team has the advantage of cutting cost by 30%.


Lean Management

By optimizing every step in the process through 5D simulation, and realizing seamless collaboration across all stakeholders on the cloud, iTWO 4.0 avoids the unnecessary wastes and achieves lean management.

Success Stories

New Competences Move Up a Gear with iTWO

Driven by the aspiration to be the most productivity-enhancing building and civil engineering group, MTH implemented iTWO 5D BIM technology, gaining tremendous business opportunities.

Alice in YIT: iTWO-empowered Management

YIT started iTWO implementation in 2014. By 2016, iTWO has become the key tool for planning, estimation, scheduling and reporting. The previous systems were replaced by the transformative iTWO platform.

Deutsche Bahn Ushers in 5D BIM Era

Through iTWO 5D, DB has achieved cost security before tender, enhancing planning quality and transferring the defined data to operation and maintenance.

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