Create value throughout your property portfolio

iTWOfm for digital facilities management provides financial overview, optimal scheduling, capabilities, efficient workflows and optimization of resources. It’s a joint platform with standardized data throughout the entire property portfolio.

Streamline and Optimize

iTWOfm is the most efficient tool on the market for digital facilities management. The operation and the maintenance of property portfolios require extensive planning and overview of all activities down to the smallest detail. iTWOfm provides financial overview, optimal planning options, streamlined workflows and optimization of resources.

Flexible Solution

A joint platform with standardized data provides a basis for strategic decisions to optimize your property portfolio. iTWOfm consists of a range of modules, in which you can deploy individually or altogether. You can customize your own solution and choose the modules that support the specific needs of your property portfolio.


Task Management

The task management module saves time and resources on reporting, prioritizing, processing feedback on tasks. Everything takes place in a single system. The operation departments achieve effective task management that tasks are automatically delegated to the responsible person to have timely feedback and follow-up via the system.


The optimal planning of O&M tasks is to prevent consequential damage to buildings and operational failures, and safeguard the property value in order to achieve complete control of all tasks, status and priorities. Operators have easy access to tasks via smart phones or tablets, wherever they go.

Building Component

The system achieves a complete overview of building components and quantities described in a consistent and cohesive structure. Building components are configured and described on a building component index card. A record of quantities and their locations in the building is made. Volumes can quickly be calculated and applied.

Building Inspection

Effective registration of building inspections via smart phones or tablets can describe findings quickly and accurately. Images can be added as documentation. This is an all-in-one working procedure resulting in significant time savings. It also obtains an overview across space and analyses critical focus areas in the building stock.

Space Management

Efficient control and overview of space together with internal and external tenancies and their affiliations can be ensured. Maximum utilization of tenancies, efficient administration of common tasks, punctual follow-up and reduction of idle tenancies along with a qualified basis for decisions on the utilization of spaces can be achieved.


When all consumption figures are collected in one place, consumption patterns can be optimized. It becomes easy to identify the relationship between consumption and spaces as well as determining which buildings are not energy-efficient. It is possible to constantly monitor consumption trends and accumulate KPIs for benchmarking your portfolio.


3D models are imported into the system and the entire structure of the space, including all buildings, floors, rooms and the aggregate space, is installed. Data can be processed dynamically whilst building elements and surfaces can be recorded and ranked. This provides an overview and a good basis for digital delivery of O&M data.


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