Enable Real-time Model Synchronization between Revit and iTWO

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How can BIM design and construction be real-time connected?

iTWO 3D is the state-of-the-art technology that connects the leading 5D BIM enterprise construction solution — iTWO, to the leading BIM design tool — Revit, to enable real-time BIM model synchronization and make model processing faster, easier and smarter. 

Real-time BIM model synchronization

Seamless data integration and collaboration

Faster model navigation and editing

Saving time and cost on the tedious process 

Features of iTWO 3D

iTWO Data Synchronization

Synchronize BIM model between Revit and iTWO, highly improving efficiency by eliminating the model exporting and importing process. 

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iTWO Integration

Integrate iTWO Cloud Data to Revit model to make 5D BIM modeling easier and faster.

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Model Navigation

Navigate BIM model through a series of commonly used standard views. 

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Model Editing

Batch editing BIM models in one click with smart templates. 

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Model Check

Check model quality automatically and enforce enterprise standards to ensure the downstream cost and schedule services quality.

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Web Update

Get the latest iTWO 3D features and enhancements timely in only 2 clicks.

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