Experience iTWO Technologies with Hands On

iTWO 5D Lab is an iTWO technology- enabled environment where customers can visit and experience using iTWO technology with real projects. The lab simulates a real working environment of a company with decision making table and function supporting workstations representing each functional department of a company. The customers can have real experience of using the cutting edge iTWO technology with standard project templates, as well as bring their own project data.

iTWO 5D Lab Modules

Cross-stakeholder Collaboration Center

iTWO 5D Lab offers an collaborative open space for owners, contractors and project stakeholders to have barrierless communication and collaboration by making real-time decisions as well as planning and executing the projects with concern in the whole construction process on one single platform: iTWO.

5D End-to-end Virtual Construction Platform

iTWO 5D Lab is where you can process a 5D project simulation from design to operation, with the whole construction process fully visualized and coordinated prior to physical construction. All team members can better understand the project progress and optimize project schedule and cost with 4 lab sessions. A Master Model will be generated to guide physical construction and store data for future use.

Physical Construction Control Center

iTWO 5D Lab acts as a project control center during the physical construction phase. By connecting job-site staff to jointly check and discuss on-site construction progress, the project team in 5D Lab can execute timely optimization to guarantee that physical construction matches virtual construction.

Multi-functional Platform

Training Center

Get comprehensive hands-on training with pilot project experience on iTWO.

Project Data Library

Archive a diverse data library for current and future projects in various types: EPC, oil & gas, infrastructure, chemical, airports, etc.

5D Marketing Center

Work together and make perfect 5D marketing plan for construction business.

Government Support

Communicate and receive support from the government for public sector projects by visualizing your entire project plan.

Scientific Research & Construction Digitalization Center

Cooperating with global leading universities

iTWO 5D Lab has been set up as the iTWO education & research center in global leading universities, including Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Hong Kong. iTWO Course was launched and scientific research conducted in the lab to develop iTWO technology for global construction industry.

Tailored for iTWO top users

Our iTWO top users established their own iTWO 5D Labs with our technical support to better utilize iTWO technology for construction digitalization and enterprise-wide corporate management.

5D Labs Worldwide

Stuttgart iTWO 5D Lab

Vaihinger Straße 15170567 Stuttgart, Germany
+49 711 7873-0

Guangzhou iTWO 5D Lab

No.2817, Kaichuang Street, Science City Luogang District, Guangzhou, China
+86 20-2806 9731

Shanghai (HKU) iTWO 5D Lab

Shanghai (HKU) iTWO 5D Lab
+86 21-6660 1506

Sydney iTWO 5D Lab

3 / 11 Orion Road, Lane Cove NSW, Australia 2066
+61 1300 653 420

Copenhagen iTWO 5D Lab

Ryesgade 19C, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark
+45 35 245 250

Madrid iTWO 5D Lab

Rodríguez San Pedro 10 (28015) Madrid, Spain
+34 914 483 800

Atlanta iTWO 5D Lab

Georgia Institute of Technology North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332
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