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“The idea of 5D is absolutely crucial to the successful functioning of BIM IT in the construction industry.”

Chris Webster

Dean of Faculty of Architecture
The University of Hong Kong

“We choose iTWO because it’s a solution to integrate all the project processes. “

Pablo Alvarez

Chief Executive Officer
Hermosillo y Asociados Arquitectos

“I can tell you that we need iTWO more than iTWO needs us.”

Juan Carols Argeaga, Ashish Kumar

Miami International Airport

“It’s a very seamless project and at the moment is going on time and on budget.”

Ramzi Abu Qamar

Managing Director

“We’ve been able to do simulations of different alternatives before we start onsite.”

Neils W. Falk

Vice President, VDC
MT Højgaard

“We see us as partner, we see RIB as our core of processes so we never thought of anything else.”

Ulrich Weinmann

Züblin AG / Strabag

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