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iTWO World 2017

14 ~ 16 Nov, 2017 / Four Seasons Hotel – Guangzhou

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“BIM model is the starting point and the core of everything we need to do during construction, and that is why we need an integrated BIM, we need a full integration with the ERP solution, and that is one of the reasons why we choose iTWO of RIB.”

Tom Willemen
Managing Director, WILLEMEN GROEP NV

“If the cloud technology is not vertical, it will not work when we come to Yottabyte data, and when you don’t have experts in the cloud company, when you don’t have construction and building experts, you are unable to configure the cloud technology in the way which is necessary for all the men.”

Thomas Wolf
Chairman and CEO, RIB Software SE

“This is what are we talking about when we talk about iTWO: it’s much more than just a BIM tool, it’s really about the backbone that we can use to couple a lot of other things together … To win in digital construction, you have to secure seamless collaboration along the whole value chain. To do that, you have to shape the right alliances, you have to make sure you find partners that are going on this journey with you. And these are tech partners, these are also project partners, all the way to the people who finance the business. And you need to leverage data as the share tool, there has to be the single source of truth.”

Dr.-Ing. Gernot Strube
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

“It is not just a software thing it is about changing your mind, if you can change your mind, you will be able to really gain productivity out of this initiative, which would make you much happier compared to your competitors. “

Frank Preuss
Co-Founder & Managing Director, DIPLAN GmbH

“No matter what kind of approach you are going to deliver the smart city, I do believe one thing, the digitalization of the building environment is the only way we have to follow, without the digitalized building environment, it is really hard to imagine what your future city will look like. So digitalization of the building environment is the foundation to create BIM data to support all kinds of smart city apps. “

Dr. Wei ZHOU
Deputy Director of Digital Engineering
Country Garden Pacificview Sdn. Bhd.

“Digital transformation is boosting our customer’s performance, because we are going to be smarter and more efficient and use our time, our energy, for innovations. “

Kai Herrmann
iTWO Program Manager, Siemens AG

“About iTWO 4.0, we see it as one of the key strategic development in the industry, it’s going to be an enabler to interlink our key processes with our innovation strategy.”

Dr. Ian Quirke
Business Unit Manager, Ed. Züblin AG

“I foresee in the further future, this kind of technology (artificial intelligence) will also help us analyze problems in our construction industry. It will also help us evaluate business opportunities. For sure, we have to be open for it, we have to believe in it. “

Alfred Reyniers
Deputy General Manager, BESIX

“iTWO gives us a lot of transparency because everything is connected to the central model and it helps us to not spend the time on the quantity takeoff but more focus on the cost element itself, be more precise, and spend time much more useful than ever before.”

Thomas von Küstenfeld
Head of Design Systems, HENN GmbH

“Construction industry as a whole and mega infrastructure projects particularly, have been slow in adopting the technology even up to now. So we have to catch up with the trend as the other sectors of the economy so that we bring in higher efficiency, higher cost effectiveness, and therefore, the availability of the artificial intelligence and cloud based technologies, they will further help in getting more efficiency than what is available to the industry so far.”

Dr. Brijesh Dixit
Managing Director, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation


BIM中心总负责人, 中铁济南设计院

“This business area is going to be fantastic in the coming years, some companies innovated once are going to multiply their valuation in coming years, multiply many times, that is possible now, because this digitalization is going through this business area, and on top of that, we can create new business models. “

Jussi Aho
CEO, Fira Oy

“We believe there are two major forces changing the industry, one is modularity, or offsite construction, prefabrication and the other is digital coordination, those two, actually they reinforce each other, once you build more with modularity, you can more easily do digital coordination. The more easily you can do digital coordination, and better you can use modular components. “

Henry Salo
Director, Fira Oy

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