Dr.-Ing. Gernot Strube

Senior Partner

McKinsey & Company

Dr. Strube is the Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, a native of Germany, he has worked out of Munich, Hong Kong and Cleveland. Currently he leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and the McKinsey Implementation group in Western Europe. He has served clients in various industry sectors, with most of his recent work focused on digital transformations, operational strategy, and performance improvement in the aerospace, construction equipment, rail, machinery, and transportation industries.

Dr. Strube has served clients in over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia, and many of Gernot’s projects are international in nature. His recent work includes an analysis of the strategic implications of digitization in the construction equipment industry and the establishment of a capability center for the application of 5D BIM technology.

Before joining McKinsey in 1993, Dr. Strube spent five years as a scientific researcher in the field of applied laser diagnostics in combustion engineering, working under international government contracts and for leading automotive and aerospace companies.

McKinsey & Company is a worldwide management consulting firm. According to The New York Times, it is considered the most prestigious management consultancy in the world.

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