Deputy Chief Engineer

Baoye Group Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hua FAN received his professional education from Tongji University and TU Dortmund. He has long been engaged in the research, design and production management of building industrialization. In this field, he has both theoretical background and rich practical experience. He has been the editor for the development of regional standards, enterprise standards and relevant engineering approaches. He was also involved in the research on anti-earthquake and anti-explosion testing for double wall structures, and was awarded Anhui Provincial Science and Technology award. He participated in prefabrication projects and key government-sponsored research. Mr. FAN has published more than 20 papers and received more than ten patents. Currently he is the Deputy Vice-president at Building Industrialization Division under China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization, Vice Chairman at Technical Innovation Union Expert Committee of National Precast Construction Industry, and the Standing Director of Industrialized Building Academic Committee under Architectural Society of China.

Baoye Group was founded in 1974, and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. Baoye adopts the “three-in-one” business mode of construction : building construction, property development and construction industrialization. As a national housing industrialization base, Baoye has integrated capability as a general contractor for assembly EPC projects for assembly building. Baoye has won 32 Luban Awards and is within the prestigious list of the top 500 highest tax-paying commercial enterprises.

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