Jussi Aho


Fira Oy

Mr. Jussi Aho established Fira Oy in 2002, together with six other construction professionals. He served as the chairman of the board since the establishment of the company and as CEO from April 2009. Previously he was the CEO of Daxtum Oy, a telecommunications services company, and brought the lessons learned in the service business into the construction industry.

Mr. Aho got his Master of Science Degree of Civil Engineering in the University of Oulu. In the autumn 2008, he went to the University of Central Florida, the sixth largest university in the USA, as a visiting research scholar. His investigation is the business models of firm. Mr. Aho is also a building technology engineer who has a strong background in construction.

Fira Oy is a Finnish construction company whose main office is located in Vantaa. The company was founded in Seinäjoki in 2002, and CEO Jussi Aho is one of its founding partners. Fira is one of the fastest growing builders in Scandinavia and one of the 20 boosting companies from Finland out of 1000 companies creating substantial economic growth.

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