iTWO World 2018

The 6th Annual Gathering of Global iTWO Visionaries

Nov. 7 ~ 9    |    Guangzhou, China

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Experts & Enterprise Executives

Worldwide Success Cases

Share & Learn iTWO successful cases from global top iTWO users

Cutting-edge Technologies

Explore the most cutting-edge technologies and how they would influence the industry

Hands-on Experiences

Get hands-on experience in the latest iTWO technologies under support from professional consultants

New Insights and Opportunities

Network with top industry thought leaders from 30+ countries to discover new insights and opportunities

Artificial Intelligence

How can AI assist engineers in their daily tasks?


How can 5D BIM run on the cloud?

Smart Prefabrication

Why digitalization and industrialization should go hand in hand?

Vertical Cloud

What is the advantage of construction tailored vertical cloud over mass market cloud?

Smart Supply Chain

How does YTWO solution enable demand visibility in the supply chain?

Smart City

How can smart cities be built and run with digital technologies?

Managed Services

How does managed services reduce customers’ IT total cost of ownership?

Smart Data

How is big data turned into smart data to increase productivity in future projects?


What have we done in developing talents for the digital age?

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