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Dr. Meng Xiangfei


National Super Computer Center in Tianjin

Dr. Xiangfei Meng, professorate senior engineer, the director of application and research group at National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, Chief engineer of National Joint Laboratory of big data processing technology and application, NDRC. He is mainly responsible for the application of “Tianhe-1” in the fields of national scientific and technological innovation, traditional industrial upgrading and new industrial development, and has made important contributions to the application and development of “Tianhe-1”. His main research areas involve the research and development of high-performance computing technology and the construction and application of integration platform with super-computing, big data and artificial intelligence, Dr. Meng has achieved a number of technological progress awards and was elected the Tianjin 131 talent plan, innovation team leads. As the principal investigator, he conducted several projects sponsored by National Key R&D Program and National Science Foundation and obtained nearly 50 items of intellectual property rights and scientific research achievements.

The National Super computer Center in Tianjin is authorized in May 2009. It provides a wide range of high-end information technology services such as high-performance computing, cloud computing and big data technology for national research institutes, universities and key enterprises.

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