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Li Tie

Chairman, Chief Economist

China Center for Urban Development

Mr. Li Tie served in the Central Rural Policy Research Office of the Communist Party, the Rural Research Center of the State Council, the State Commission for Restructuring the Economic Systems, Economic Restructuring Office of the State Council, etc. He is currently serving as the Chairman and the Chief Economist of the China Center of Urban Development.

Mr. Li has participated in drafting the documents of central rural policies and urbanization policies. He has presided over a series of major research projects such as the urbanization development strategy of China, the urban planning research of promoting urban health development, and the population migration policies during the urbanization process.

By cooperating with the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Ford Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, etc., Mr. Li is the principal and the first person who is in charge of dozens of international cooperation projects. His representative works are Urbanization: Comprehensive and Profound Social Transformation (monograph), Urbanization: My Personal Perspective (monograph), and he also has edited the book series regarding urbanization.

The China Center for Urban Development is a public institution directly under the National Development and Reform Commission of China. It has guided and promoted several urban and small town development and reform pilots.

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