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Niko Warbanoff

Head of International Business, Deutsche Bahn AG; CEO, DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH

DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Mr. Niko Warbanoff joined Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) in 2009, one of the world's leading mobility and logistics companies. Warbanoff was appointed to the Board of Managing Directors of DB International GmbH in April 2010 and assumed the post of Chairman a year later. Since April 2010, Warbanoff has also served as the Head of DB's International Business Relations department, where his key responsibilities include managing DB's political and business relations outside the European Union.

On April 1, 2016, Warbanoff was appointed Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, which was established through a merger of DB International GmbH and DB ProjektBau GmbH. DB Engineering & Consulting is a leading provider of rail-related engineering and consulting services and offers infrastructure, mobility and transport solutions worldwide. Since 2017, Niko Warbanoff is also responsible for DB International Operations GmbH, a newly established subsidiary to target the rail operations and maintenance markets outside of Europe. Warbanoff is currently responsible for roundabout 5,000 employees and revenues of 600 million Euros.

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