Mobile Solutions for Working on the Go with iTWO Technologies

Discover all apps in the iTWO ecosystem that help you manage your projects and company on the go. iTWO 4.0, iTWO 5D, iTWOcx, iTWOfm, xTWO, all of these solutions in the iTWO ecosystem offer various apps that help you use some modules of the platforms directly from your mobile devices, which bring you higher efficiency, faster access and respond to any request and better collaboration within the whole team.

iTWO 4.0

iTWO 4.0 Business Partner

Quickly look up business partners and contacts related to your enterprises and projects in iTWO 4.0. Easily access and organize your enterprise and project contacts.

iTWO 4.0 Progress by Activity

Get an overview of ongoing construction activities and always ensure project progress reporting is up-to-date. Report construction activity progress directly from your mobile device whether you are working on-site or off-site.

iTWO 4.0 Defect Management

A perfect tool for conveniently recording and tracking defects while you are working on the field. You have full access to all of your projects and defect records, visualize defects by taking photos, collaborate by adding comments and much more.

iTWO 4.0 Ticket System

The iTWO4.0 Ticket System app allows you to use the iTWO 4.0 Ticket System module straight from your mobile device. With this app you can quickly create purchase orders and shop for materials and other products with the convenience of your mobile device.

iTWO 4.0 ToDo

Get an overview of your iTWO 4.0 ToDo’s and always stay informed of tasks that require your attention. Stay up-to-date of tasks assigned to you in iTWO 4.0 based on priority and deadline. Quickly respond to action items that require your input straight from your mobile device.


iTWO Control Tower

Give you complete access to project financial data through any mobile devices. Control and monitor project financial performance anytime anywhere.



iTWOcx V2

Give you the power of iTWOcx on the go. Create, view, respond and issue iTWOcx documents wherever you are, as well as having access to your Publication Space.

iTWOcx V1

Give you the power of iTWOcx on the go. Create, view, respond and issue iTWOcx documents wherever you are, as well as having access to your Document Register.



Provide mobile access to your iTWOfm portfolios, targeting daily facility management operational tasks: address book, events, instances, flaw reporting, hour registration and meter readings.


iTWO eLearning

The learning platform for iTWO technology. Learn about key workflows in iTWO through self-paced and easy-to-follow tutorials and interactive lessons. Improve your iTWO proficiency as well as prepare yourself for iTWO certification.

iTWO World

The official mobile app for this year’s iTWO community annual conference-iTWO World 2017. Easily access to the newest agenda, speaker profile and venue information and more of the conference.

xTWO Store

iPad application version of xTWO Store, shop for high-quality and up-to-date branded items for your bathroom needs using your iPad. Multi-language support: English, French, German and Chinese.

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