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June 15, 2016 - Corporate News
RIB Project

With Release 7.42, we are introducing an entirely new role in RIB Project: Coordinator of the Distribution Space.

The establishment of this new role ensures more optimal handling of the contractual levels on a construction project in the distribution of drawings and plans.

It is now possible to leave it to e.g. a main contractor to distribute drawings to own subcontractors without access to any information in the Publication Space that do not concern the main contractor.

RIB Capture

Reuse of registrations

With Release 7.42 it is now even easier to make new registrations in RIB Capture – registrations can now be reused!

For select user-generated data fields, the Administrator can now choose to reuse data from registration to registration in RIB Capture. The content of the data field is memorised for each individual user.

This makes it much easier to register defects faster because not all data need to be re-entered with every registration.

Template based lists now include users and roles

It is also possible now to create new Capture lists based on templates with associated users and roles. Users and roles are thus carried over from the template to the new list.

This makes it easy to quickly set up new lists, whether general company specific lists or project specific lists.

User friendliness

The process of setting up a new list in RIB Capture is now even more user friendly.

Any newly created Capture list now automatically features help texts and illustrations that guide the user through the process from beginning to end.

Safety Round

We have also made enhancements to the new Safety Round in RIB Capture.

Image quality has been improved, for instance, and company users can now set up a Safety Round on a project based on a company template with specific metrics.

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