RIB announces the grand opening of its innovative iTWO 5D Lab

February 24, 2014 - Corporate News
Guangzhou, China, 24 February 2014. RIB Software AG and its lab co-investor McKinsey & Company jointly held an opening ceremony for its innovative iTWO 5D Lab in RIB Campus, Guangzhou China, on 24th of February 2014, celebrated together with important guests from government departments, universities, media, investors, clients and other friends in the industry worldwide. iTWO 5D Lab is the first 5D lab in the world for construction industry, aiming to provide a perfect environment to execute iTWO technology and the new working method for construction industry. It is believed that the lab will bring unprecedented impact to the construction industry.

Development in the IT industry in the 21st century has brought tremendous changes to people’s living style, and with no exception it enabled a revolutionary change in the working method for construction industry. New technologies provide the possibility of 5D end to end project simulation, real-time collaboration between project teams, mobile project control, and big data management, which has enabled a new working method and transformed the construction industry into an advanced and digitalized industry, resulting in higher construction transparency, lower risk, lower cost and higher profit for construction projects. iTWO 5D Lab is an innovative environment designed to demonstrate and execute the new working method by using new technologies.

“The new working method implies a new process added to the traditional construction industry – The Virtual Construction Process. In future all construction projects shall be built virtually from end to end before physical construction starts, and it can be executed perfectly in the 5D Lab, where all project stakeholders including project owners, investors, general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, consultants, risk insurance companies and finance companies, etc, work together and make decisions together based on trust. The ultimate target is to make virtual equal physical”, said Thomas Wolf in his presentation in the opening ceremony.

The Grand Opening started with an innovative ceremony of opening a Giant Blue Jacket with “Running Together” on it, and followed by a singing performance of the iTWO song “Running Together”. By passing out blue lab jackets to the guests to dress up as one team and performing the iTWO song of “Running Together”, the atmosphere helped the guests strongly understand one important principle of iTWO 5D Lab – running together, which refers to the strong teamwork and collaboration.

The iTWO Manifesto was signed during the opening ceremony by all guests including government officers, leaders from the construction industry, professors from universities, journalists from construction media, and industry partners from insurance and finance, etc. to show their commitment to this revolutionary vision in the construction industry.

iTWO Manifesto:

The integration of the virtual into the physical engineering process – iTWO Technology – is revolutionizing the global construction business in the 21st century.

New technology demands new thinking and new working methods to transform construction to the most advanced industry on our planet.

We are running together to create the next generation of living.

It is expected that the company will build the next labs in USA, Singapore and other cities of China.


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