RIB signs a Phase-II-contract with CG Gruppe AG, the market leader in the field of storey rental housing construction

November 14, 2016 - Corporate News
Stuttgart, Germany, 14 November 2016. RIB Software AG, the world’s leading provider of 5D BIM Big Data technology for the construction industry, today announced the conclusion of a Phase-II-deal with the CG Gruppe AG, the market leader in the field of storey rental housing construction for institutional capital management companies.

Erik von Stebut, Managing Director of RIB Deutschland GmbH, comments: “We are very pleased that the CG Gruppe, one of the leading project developers in Germany, will rely on the integrated iTWO 4.0 enterprise solution from RIB. In all planning and execution phases, the CG Gruppe has therefore always transparently budget and costs under control.”

The complete model-based approach with iTWO 4.0 will be networked in the next step with purchasing-, production- and logistical processes. This will create the most innovative solution on the market in the coming months from planning to operation.

“Together with RIB, we are implementing a solution that digitizes all processes in the value chain of the property from the initial idea to completion and rental. This creates systems and products that have not yet existed on the German market. In the CG Group, information technology is no longer just a support function but a core competency,” explains Christoph Gröner, CEO of CG Gruppe AG. “For the practical implementation in the construction, this solution provides a tremendous acceleration and accurate cost forecast and cost tracking,” reaffirms Gröner.

About CG Gruppe AG

The CG Gruppe is a real estate developer with its own construction expertise. For more than twenty years, the Germany-wide operating company creates the entire development, the construction and sale of residential and commercial properties. The investments are focused on major German cities such as Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. More than 250 staff members provide for frequent high quality and sustainability of all real estate products in terms of acquisition, development, and construction. The company’s core business is the construction of rental buildings and its placement to institutional investors. In this segment, the CG Gruppe holds the market-leading position in Germany. The CG Group AG is currently preparing projects worth EUR 1.8 billion. The company’s performance horizon invested within the following five to seven years totals approximately EUR 3.9 billion.

About RIB

RIB Software SE is an innovator in construction business. The company creates, develops and offers cutting-edge digital technologies for construction enterprises and projects across various industries worldwide. Its flagship product iTWO 4.0 is the world’s first 5D BIM enterprise cloud solution for construction companies, industrial companies, developers and project owners, etc. Since its inception in 1961, RIB Software SE has been the pioneer in construction innovation, exploring and bringing in new thinking, new working method and new technology to enhance construction productivity, and transforming the construction industry into the most advanced and digitalized industry in the 21st century. RIB is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and listed in Prime Standard Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2011. With more than 900 talents located in over 30 offices worldwide, RIB is serving 100,000 clients including construction contractors, sub-contractors, developers, owners, investors and governments, in the field of building construction, infrastructure, EPC sector and more.

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