RIB Software AG: New record result achieved in financial year 2013 – turnover up 45.3%. Adjusted consolidated net profit (excluding FX effects) surpasses the € 10 million mark for the first time

February 28, 2014 - Corporate News
Turnover grows 45.4% from € 39.2 million to € 57.0 million

International turnover surges 193.8% from € 8.0 million to € 23.5 million

Software as a service/cloud turnover climbs 139.3% from € 2.8 million to € 6.7 million

Consolidated net profit (excluding FX effects) above the € 10,0 million mark for the first time at € 10.1 million


Stuttgart, Germany, 28 February 2014. Today, RIB Software AG (ISIN DE000A0Z2XN6), by its own account world market leader in the field of 5D BIG DATA end-to-end enterprise solutions for the construction industry, published preliminary figures for the financial year 2013

According to the preliminary, unaudited figures, the turnover went up 45.4% from € 39.2 million to € 57.0 million. The international turnover surged 193.8% from € 8.0 million to € 23.5 million. Thus, the overseas share in the total turnover climbed to 41.2% in 2013 (prior year: 20.4%), reaffirming our internationalisation strategy. EBITDA grew 17.5% to € 18.8 million (prior year: € 16.0 million) and remained with 33% at over 30% of the turnover. Adjusted for currency effects, earnings after taxes increased 8.6% to € 10.1 million (prior year: € 9.3 million). Thanks to a total of seven phase II deals and one phase III deal and an extremely strong cloud turnover increase of 139.3% from € 2.8 million to € 6.7 million, the software and software as a service/cloud turnover grew 34.1% from € 17.0 million to € 22.8 million. Top enterprises such as Leighton Asia, Paul Y, Eiffage, McConnell Dowell, Deutsche Telekom, Köster and Heinz von Heiden were gained as phase II customers. The first phase III agreement in the company’s history was concluded with the Finnish YIT Corporation, a leading European construction group, with a contract value of more than US$ 5,0 million.

Commenting on the extremely positive cloud turnover performance, CFO Michael Sauer says: “According to a survey conducted by the United Nations, the number of Internet users around the globe increased 11% to 2.3 billion in the year ended. Based on a construction share of 13.4% in the global GDP, we therefore postulate a global potential of several 100 million users for construction-specific Internet applications in the cloud. With our new iTWO 5D cloud platform, we want to further expand our market-leading position in the construction segment in this area.”

Due to the highly successful fourth quarter of 2013 and a substantial year-on-year increase of software revenues by 45.7%, EBIT underwent a year-on-year growth of 36.8%. Especially two phase II deals contributed to this successful final quarter.

Owing to the great increase in software revenues, the turnover in the maintenance area went up 17.2% to € 19.1 million in the financial year 2013 (prior year: € 16.3 million). The service turnover increased 155.9% to € 15.1 million (prior year: € 5.9 million), mainly due to the first-time full consolidation of US COST.

In November 2013, RIB Software AG hosted the first iTWO World Conference in Hong Kong, with participants from 21 countries and four continents. By signing a manifesto, 65 visionaries from the construction industry, including leading construction and infrastructure enterprises from Australia, Austria, Turkey, Germany, the Near East, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Finland and China declared that iTWO 5D represents a revolution in the construction industry. Says CEO Thomas Wolf: “By integrating the virtual construction process in the physical process, the iTWO technology revolutionises the construction sector in the 21st century. New technology necessitates new thinking and new working methods in order to transform the construction industry into the world’s most progressive sector. Together with our technology partners, we are in the process of carrying the construction industry to a new level.”

Under consideration of the continued strong base of cash and cash equivalents and freely available securities at the end of February 2014 amounting to more than € 100 million and market conditions comparable to those of 2013, we expect a turnover and earnings growth of more than 25% in 2014. 


RIB Software AG will publish the Annual Report 2013 on Monday, 31 March. On this date, a telephone conference will be held at 11 a.m. (CET) for analysts and investors.


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