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RIB Group invests in an MTWO MSP Partner in India and UAE (No. 1 / 2019)

February 21, 2019Corporate News

RIB has taken over 60% of the shares from Levtech Investors, based on an enterprise value calculated using 8 times EBIT/DA. 40% Management shares will be still owned by the four previous Directors in India and UAE.

RIB changed in Q4 2018 into a fast-growth revenue modus with 68% growth in software and cloud revenues and slightly exceeded the ambitious 2018 revenue forecast

February 14, 2019 - Corporate News

Based on very strong revenue growth of 56% in the fourth quarter of 2018, the RIB Group generated revenues of € 137 million in fiscal 2018, slightly above its own ambitious forecast of € 124-130 million.

RIB enters into three-year MTWO contract with Hathaway Dinwiddie estimated as a Phase II Agreement

December 6, 2018 - Corporate News

“MTWO is the ideal technology solution for General Contractors in an age that requires construction leaders to maintain a mindset for digitization,” Mickey Carr, CEO of RIB Americas, said. “Our new partner, Hathaway Dinwiddie, is a leader in the virtual-to-physical planning process and we believe RIB’s cloud-based, fully integrated, 5D platform – MTWO – will create value, and will enable continued business growth for years to come.”

RIB signs a Phase-II-contract with Lujatalo Oy

November 28, 2018 - Corporate News

Luja Corporation is a third-generation family-owned business and has been operating in the construction industry for more than 65 years. Luja Corporation consists of three companies: the building and construction expert Lujatalo Oy, concrete product manufacturer Lujabetoni Oy, and cement-based dry product manufacturer Fescon Oy. Today Luja Corporation is one of the largest construction companies in Finland with 1 600 employees and an annual revenue of over 500 million euros.



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Corporate News

  • RIB signs a Phase-II-contract with the German subsidiary of the French Eiffage Group

    March 21, 2019

    Michael Sauer, Executive Board Member of RIB Group: “We are looking forward to extending our existing partnership with one of the most important providers in the European construction and infrastructure market. RIB’s modern iTWO platform technology allows an efficient and model-oriented management of construction processes, which we consider essential in view of the ever-increasing digitalization. We will continue to support Eiffage as a reliable partner on this future-oriented path.”

  • RIB Software SE signs an MTWO enterprise agreement equal to a Phase-II-contract with Nordic Construction Group for implementing up to 3,000 Users

    March 19, 2019

    With sales of more than EUR 5 billion, the customer is one of the leading construction, development and infrastructure companies in the Nordic region.

    “We are very pleased to announce a sizable MTWO enterprise agreement emphasizing our strategy on AI, Cloud and Mobile first MTWO platform. With the MTWO platform, we offer an integrated eco-system of cloud based applications and as such low cost to maintain with an elastic pool of resources. We are convinced that the customer can benefit considerably from the MTWO technology when it comes to further increasing productivity and eliminating information silos between stakeholders”, comments Mads Bording, COO of RIB Software SE.

  • RIB Software SE signs a Phase-III-contract to support a major US Airport with Consulting services

    March 11, 2019

    RIB’s professional services staff will provide information on pre-construction estimating, change order management scheduling, risk management, value engineering, and contingency management for a major airport’s Capital Improvement Program. The RIB team is using leading methodologies and RIB technology to develop board required information for validation of the program. RIB will also provide market intelligence about trends and other important market influencers to the client.

  • RIB signs a Phase-II-contract with Joint Venture Eiffage Kier on HS2

    February 26, 2019

    HS2 is UK’s new high-speed rail network. The construction is starting on Phase One which will link London and Birmingham by 2026. Phase Two will run from the West Midlands to Manchester in the west and Leeds in the east completing the network by 2033. HS2 is expected to carry over 300,000 passengers a day – around 100 million a year, when fully operational. HS2 Ltd began operations in January 2009 and currently employs around 1,500 people.

Industry Insights

  • Bracing for the Avalanche

    March 11, 2019

    Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, Dr.-Ing. Gernot Strube, spoke at iTWO World 2018 and shared his insights on the “avalanche” of change in the construction industry, the key drivers of the avalanche and how do we brace for the avalanche.

  • Driving Real Productivity Gains for the Construction Industry: An Interview with Mads Bording, COO of RIB Software SE

    July 26, 2018

    Mads Bording Rasmussen, COO and member of the Executive Board of RIB Software SE, recently sat down to talk about the company’s strategies and how they are empowering the construction industry’s digital transformation.

  • Construction in the Cloud: An Interview with Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Software and Interim CEO of YTWO Formative

    April 4, 2018

    It’s well known that the construction and real estate industries have been slow to adopt new technologies. But many signs point to the fact that digitization in construction is about to catch on in a big way, according to Thomas Wolf who is both the CEO of RIB Software and the interim CEO of a new RIB joint venture with supply chain solutions provider Flex, called YTWO. In February 2018, Voices spoke with Mr. Wolf about how to overcome barriers to digitization, the role of cloud technology, and what industry leaders must do to prepare for—and embrace—change.

  • A New Age of Construction Solutions

    March 27, 2018

    Technologies that fully adopt the tenets of Industry 4.0 provide us the opportunity to take our digitalized content and integrate them with industrialized processes to revolutionize the construction industry.

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