Intelligent Software Solutions for Prefabrication and Modular Construction

iTWO Smart Production Suite (including iTWO PPS, iTWO MES, iTWO ICS, iTWO SCE ) is the intelligent software solutions that enable the digitalization and automation management of the whole prefab production process from sales and planning, production to logistics and mounting.

The suite enables planning of all the products of the precast concrete industry and the central database manages all the requisites details at a high performance level. With an intuitive user interface, the system empowers milestone-based workflow management and provides the users with an illustrated overview of the work procedures.

The entire software solution is scalable and is suitable for medium-sized enterprises as well as for groups of companies.

iTWO Smart Production Suite


The Sales Module provides the user with the possibility of controlling sales procedures, from the offering, via the ordering, right through to invoicing. The integrated double-check function prevents projects being duplicated in their recording and/or offering. Current planning and construction progress as well as all technical and commercial information can be called-up at all times. The partner management function enables comprehensive partner information management in terms of contact details, their roles in the companies and the projects. The module can also support the calculation of end products (flooring and roofing elements, double walling elements, cavity slabs, and precast components). Price lists, discount rates and project specific customer prices can all be determined via price management.

Sales – List / Project Overview

Quantity Take Off – 5D Model Import

Partner Management

Utilization Planning

The Utilization Planning Module serves overviewable resources planning and construction site planning throughout the entire business. The Module provides information on the capacity situation at all times and as well as on possible delivery time for future projects. In addition, projects can be divided up with component planning and their progress can be managed using milestones. The effects on resources planning are transparently illustrated. The graphical illustration of essential information facilitates work routines and significantly enhances clarity.The integrated material requirements planning allows the long-term planning of the required materials. Even contact persons who are important for the construction project can be managed directly, so that all departments have access to it, which considerably speeds up the communication flow.

Capacity Planning

Daily Overview


The main aspect of the Engineering Module is the ability of the technician to view the customer projects assigned to him. All relevant technical and commercial information on current projects is thereby provided.The graphic preparation of milestones and components alleviates work routines considerably. Due-date deadline delays are highlighted in colour. All data provided by the technicians are collected within the System and onward processed (e.g. CAD data, etc.). This provides an extensive archive on all project details. Planning approval for the production process is available at the end of the procedure chain.

Engineering/ Working List with Dates, Management of Approval of Drawings

Engineering: Utilization of Engineer

Precast Model import

Production Control

The Production Control Module primarily serves the monitoring of the manufacturing processes. Dependent on the type of production (e.g. multifunctional plant and equipment, prefabricated component production, etc.), the requisite functionalities are made available. The necessary resources are allocated on the basis of daily production capacities, and thus understandable as to what, when and where is being manufactured. After the production processes, prefabricated components are posted into inventories. In addition, all documents and labels relevant for production can be printed depending on the production schedule. The Module also enables the monitoring of manufacturing processes, and the planning and creation of jobs for the reinforcement production and the metal working department, as required. Comprehensive planning possibilities are available for casting-bed production.

Pallet Optimization

Production Planning

Preparation of Production Papers


The Shipping Module includes all functions for the commissioning of all goods-outwards consignments. Stacks of goods are allocated to the haulage orders, and all other ancillary products for the same consignment are included. All operating mediums for erection purposes, such as inclination stands, bridging joists and other small accessory materials can be automatically posted-out from inventories and thus rendered traceable.These procedures enable all operational mediums provided to the building-construction site, to be recorded and can be recovered by return haulage when no longer required on site. The Module can also support the GPS traceability of ‘HGVs’ – heavy goods vehicles and the management of return consignment notes. The processed data (e.g. in cases of complaints) are immediately available to the sales force for invoicing controls or for quality control management purposes. All requisite documentation for consignments can, of course be created within the system.

Shipping and Transport Order



The Mounting Module manages all important data and resources for mounting. The various installation data based on the construction progress are assigned to the installation team, and the necessary transport orders for the prefabricated components and the requisite construction machinery are issued. A planning table is available to provide backup support for the user for planning purposes and in cases of due-date deadline postponements.After the successful completion of installation, installation report can be generated. All such information is also available for invoicing purposes and/or for the handling of complaints.

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