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RIB Software SE is the global leader of digital transformation for building and construction industries, providing the most cutting edge software technologies and innovative working methods to increase industry productivity. RIB endeavors to be the best partner of building and construction enterprises for digitalization and transformation.


The Building and Construction Industries Innovator

Established in 1961, RIB is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and listed in Prime Standard Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2011. Since its inception, RIB Software SE has been the pioneer in construction innovation, exploring and bringing in new technology, new thinking and new working methods to enhance construction productivity. The company transfers digital transformation experience of other industries such as automotive industry to the building and construction industries. In the era of Industry 4.0, RIB has availed itself of the most modern technologies and created iTWO 4.0, the world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform to digitalize and transform the industry.

Global Team of Industry Experts

With a strong focus on innovation and future orientation, over 1,200 talents are serving in more than 30 RIB offices around the world. Experienced experts and young professionals from different cultures and backgrounds collaborate closely to provide transformative software products, innovative thinking and professional services in a global prospect. RIB has a strong R&D team of experts across Germany, China, USA and Australia, which enables sustainable product investment and enhancements, keeping clients at the forefront of engineering, infrastructure and construction technology.

International Clients Network

RIB is serving 15,000 international clients including construction contractors, developers, owners, government departments, and investors in the field of building construction, infrastructure, and EPC sector, etc. iTWO technology is used in over 50 Billion USD projects every year.

RIB Mission

RIB is running together with construction visionaries to transform the building and construction industry to the most advanced industry in the world and create the next generation of living culture in the world.

The mission of RIB was written into iTWO Manifesto which was first signed by top visionaries of the construction industry in iTWO World 2013 in Hong Kong to show their commitment in the construction transformation journey. Every year the growing iTWO community signs the iTWO Manifesto to keep on the revolution and advance the industry.

iTWO Manifesto

The integration of the virtual into the physical engineering process – iTWO Technology – is revolutionizing the global construction business in the 21st century.
New technology demands new thinking and new working methods to transform construction to the most advanced industry on our planet.
We are running together to create the next generation of living.

Managing Directors 

Thomas Wolf


Corporate Strategy 2000 to 2009 Chairman of the Supervisory Board Member of the Executive Board since December, 2009

Michael Sauer


Corporate Finance, M&A, Sales Germany Member of the Executive Board since 2002

Mads Bording Rasmussen


Group Sales & Operations
Member of the Executive Board since 2017

Administrative Board

Thomas Wolf


Sandy Möser


Michael Sauer

Mads Bording Rasmussen

Dr. Matthias Rumpelhardt

Klaus Hirschle

Prof. Martin Fischer




In 1961, Professor Dr.-Ing. Volker Hahn founded the computing institute for the construction industry together with Professors Leonhardt and Bornscheuer sponsored by the Ministry of Economics of the state of Baden-Württemberg, and developed the first programme chains for electronic calculation of bridges and road design. The institute is RIB Software SE. Since the early seventies, the name RIB has stood for efficient construction management and its software was used all over Germany. Now with over 50 years’ experience in construction software technologies, RIB continuously renovates its software to serve the global construction market and help building and construction companies to stand at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

 1961 – 2000 / The Early Years

  • 1961 RIB was founded as a data processing center by Professors Hahn, Bornscheuer and Leonhardt, headquarter in Stuttgart

    From left to right: Dr.-Ing. F.W. Bornscheuer, Dr.-Ing. H.c.F. Leonhardt, Prof.Dr.-Ing. Volker Hahn and the former CEO of RIB, Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Höfner

    The IBM 1620: the first computing system in the RIB company with a capacity of 12.5KB
  • 1969 RIB developed the batch system IDEAL 1, the first large data processing system for budget preparation and tender processing.
  • 1970 The Gemeinsame Aussschuss für Elektronik im Bauwesen, GAEB (Joint Electronic Committee for Civil Engineering and Building Construction) started work on the Standardleistungsbuch (Standard Library of Descriptions of Building Works). With IDEAL 1, this Standard Library could be processed according to the rules. IDEAL was already independent of the hardware used. Hardware independence is still a characteristic feature of RIB software today.
  • 1974 The ISYBAU Group purchased RIB software for use at Federal and state level. Since then, RIB software has been used all over Germany.
  • 1975 RIB developed IDEALOG dialog system for processing the Standard Library of Descriptions of Building Works. IDEALOG was developed at the same time as the a more intelligent solution for budget preparation and tender processing.
  • 1976 A user association was established with the aim of identifying customer requirements and translating them into practical solutions. Developing and optimizing software solutions together with the customers is still the company’s philosophy today.
  • 1980s IDEALOG was proved successful in the market.
  • 1990s A study group composed of RIB top customers worked out the specifications for new software which has been translated into the development of CSuite – transparent software integrating all phases of a project. CSuite has gained great success in the market and has formed a solid foundation for RIB’s groundbreaking solution iTWO.

 2000 – 2015 / The 5D Era

  • 2005 RIB entered into the APAC market, established an APAC headquarters and a R&D center to explore the APAC market and support the international business development. The new R&D center and APAC headquarters was located in Guangzhou, China.
  • 2009 RIB innovated the 5D BIM concept for construction industry and launches iTWO – 5D BIM big data end to end solution which enabled the full management of the whole construction process in a single source of platform with a 3D BIM model integrating with time and cost data.
  • 2011 RIB was listed in Prime Standard Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • 2012 RIB acquired US Cost and MC2 in USA, CADX Pty Ltd in Australia, Cosinus in Germany to open up the global market and utilize their expertise to further develop iTWO.
  • 2013 The first iTWO World conference was held in Hong Kong as the internatonal platform for the iTWO community to come together to share experience and insights for advancing the building and construction industries.
  • 2014 Feb RIB announced the grand opening of its innovative iTWO 5D Lab, the first 5D lab in the world for construction industry, aiming to provide a perfect environment to execute iTWO technology and the new working methods for construction industry.
  • 2014 Jul RIB acquired a 75% stake in a leading successful provider of an international E-Commerce platform for the building and construction industries.
  • 2014 Jul RIB acquired 100% of Scandinavian Market leader Byggeweb A/S (Docia), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2014 Oct RIB signed a Phase III Enterprise Licence Deal with Deutsche Bahn for iTWO 5D Software.
  • 2015 Jul RIB made a big move into Spanish speaking markets by acquiring Soft SA, the Spanish and Latin American market leader.
  • 2015 Oct RIB acquired 75% of SAA Software Engineering, Vienna, Austria.

 From 2016 / The Industry 4.0 Era

  • 2016 Nov RIB launched its new generation product iTWO 4.0 – the world’s first cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise solution.
  • 2016 Nov Flex and RIB joined forces to transform the Building and Housing Industries. Joint Venture “YTWO Formative” combines 5D BIM and SCM.
  • 2017 Nov The 5th iTWO World Conference – iTWO World 2017 – again took place in Guangzhou, China. RIB unveiled its initiative to develop the world’s first vertical cloud and AI.


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